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Give to fire man a, day keep a him for warm, fire teach make how him to, keep warm forever him- Gandi [92 cultists]
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Basic rules apply. If romance straight bi males. in Role_Play
0 ups, 5mo
*he groans*
Just make this easier, okay? Tell me why you're here.
She is a girl in your sophomore class, she is always glancing at guys weirdly in Role_Play
0 ups, 5mo
*he snores very quietly as he sleeps, clearly deep asleep*
Romance allowed ._. in Role_Play
0 ups, 5mo
*he laughs*
I like the way you think
Akemi in Role_Play
0 ups, 5mo
*he looks at her, looking surprised*
Uhm, hello.
*He seems surprised at her friendliness*