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The Dirty Damn Dutch in fun
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What does this have to do with the Dutch? It says Danish in the article.
Nephren Ruq Insania in fun
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What’s your pfp?
Darth Rotten Tomatoes in fun
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The boiler room of hell in fun
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But wouldn’t it be more effective to not endanger the ones they have in their control. If they put dangerous stuff in vaccines, that means the part of the population that distrusts the government are still healthy and can still revolt, whereas the most loyal part is now unable to support the government because they are ill, in a hospital or even dead.
The boiler room of hell in fun
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Ok, as you clearly know so much about vaccine dangers, can you explain exactly why the governments all over the world would want their population to become ill? Wouldn’t a healthy population be better as that means more people are able to work which also supports the economy.

Also, follow the money doesn’t say a lot here as vaccines are free, so there’s no economic gain for anyone from them.