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capitalism is evil
First off learn how to spell. Second you clearly have no idea what capitalism is or even have a basic understanding of economics. So I doubt you even know the difference between political and economic structures. Further more I doubt you know the definition of laissez-faire or the correlation to bourgeoisie capitalist monopolies. Try reading a book some time.
Boycott Fox Advertisers
You do realize leaving a comment has the opposite effect you're hoping to achieve? It only proves the level of your own ignorance and stupidity.
Boycott Fox Advertisers
Wow! You actually waste time judging other peoples MEME's? Like there some kind of guide lines or set of rules for making one? Get a life.
capitalism is evil
AncapDeist - Really? You know something the top economist in the world don't know? You think Americas decent into laissez-faire capitalism isn't destroying the middle class? Wake up buddy!
Creepy Condescending Wonka
Well judging by your comments I'd say you don't even know what the world 'fallacy' means.