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My Final Name: SMWPeach87| "I'm ded inside." -Windows Vista
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Friday Night Funkin but Tankman sings South and boyfriend dies.
W h a t
Cuber's gone more pain than anyone, change my mind in Oc_memez
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Serbia (Countryball): I had been sent to the wall... just like you were. I was 6 as well as my friends when we were sent. Everytime I'm killed, history repeats itself and I am born with less memories of the last life in the same world... I've went through the same life again and again, and I've went through more pain than you...

Windows Vista: I have gone through lots of pain. It started when everyone started to hate me. My popular and old Windows friends always comforted me, but everytime I die I respawn in the same world, just like Minecraft. So... Much.... Pain...