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SpongeBob looking up at monster in fun
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Ty, it requires a high level of taqwa tbh, one im not sure i even have. May Allah grant us a painless death that gives us the status of martyrdom and increase our level of taqwa ameen.
SpongeBob looking up at monster in fun
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Ofc it’s not easy, but Allah is the bringer of death and the Creator of ALL things, including the bad. If we seek His help and if He wishes to intercede, then nothing will harm us. Yes, it may be painful but Allah has said in the Quran that every soul WILL taste death. And we all have to go to the akhira right? Allah is the One who will decide if we go to Jahannam or Jannah.
SpongeBob looking up at monster in fun
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Muslims should only fear Allah
Muslim Memes #1 in gaming
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For more Muslim Memes, pls check out my yt channel! (The about page has links to other socials).