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Cue the Harry Potter music. in fun
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Pretty sure it's an indoor parking garage and they backed up too hard. But it's fun to imagine alternative scenarios!
Early Christmas decorators, we still have November. in fun
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image tagged in fallout hold up | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Sooooo....December 1st is no longer after Halloween? Just sayin'...
Cue the Harry Potter music. in fun
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RONALD WEASELY YOUR FATHER IS FACING AN INQUIRY.... | image tagged in howler | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
And it's all your fault!
No Mask Gangsta! in fun
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The old man was clearly doing all of the shoving. He just fell down on his own when the employee backed away from the 3rd shove! At the end, the employee does turn the man around and point him out of the door, which is the first time in the entire video that he initiates contact. Every other time was a "barricade" basketball, the old man would be guilty of charging at least 4 times before the employee would have been called for a foul.
Me and the boys showing TikTok what real dancing is in fun
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@KalvinAmbroise - Please tell me what this is from!!!