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Sorry I've been busy in AnimePolice
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Yeah I've noticed that. It sort of sucks but they also kind of deserve it too because you can't just tell someone "HEY GO BAN THIS PERSON OR I WILL KILL YOU" on a minecraft server or any other server/stream because you'll most likely end up getting banned
Sorry I've been busy in AnimePolice
0 ups, 3y
Ye I realised he had said "THE AAA STRIKES AGAIN!" he said he was joking but still
Sorry I've been busy in AnimePolice
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The AAA is the anti anime association right? Because they are literally so toxic. There's this one message from -closed- that says, well, you'll see. Make sure to read the whole meme first. It's sad and a bit long but the message that -closed- says is just wrong. Link: