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Thanks to all of my followers! I'm trying to get more time and ideas to post :)
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Im bad at math in Middle-School
0 ups, 4w
At that point the math can go die :b
There is no greater pain in MEMES_OVERLOAD
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*cough* manga *coughhh*
Definitely not writing about my life, no no, why would you think that? in fun
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Is is bad that I heavily relate to this?
Untitled Image in Iceu
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Why can I hear this image?
Untitled Image in Iceu
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I decorate with my brother and it's a new theme every year (He chooses ofc). We did ours just yesterday! Last year's theme was family, this year's is presents :)
He's adorable I don't deserve him-

also YAY Festive Iceu is here!
It'S bEgiNniNg To LoOk A LoT LiKe ChRiStMaS-