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Idiots in fun
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image tagged in shit went form 0 to 100 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Trapped: part two in amongusmemesgaming
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Np. Only took about 3 minutes.
Trapped: part two in amongusmemesgaming
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For all those that cant read it when its that small:

Trapped: Among Us creepypasta part two: It was a late November night, and my friend was gone. I didn't know where he possibly could go. Then, the game sucked me in it. Oh no, I thought. Now I was gonna die.
I looked all over for my friend, but, didn't see anything. I looked at myself. I looked like my normal self, but everyone else looked like the among us characters. I ran from anyone, because I was basically do Among Us in real life and I was gonna die. But I was in the game. Then I saw my friend. He was alive. " What happened to you?" I asked. "I got trapped. There must be something wrong with the game." So that was why the game was controlling itself. We didn't know how to get out of this creepy game. It was really dark.
Maybe because the lights were sabotaged. We ran to electrical. Then we saw James trapped in the game too. He said, " There's a special thing in the reactor. If two people put their hand on it, they'll get sucked out of the game. But one of us will have to stay here and just sacrifice our life. Who's gonna do it?"
"I'll do it," I said.
"NO! NATHAN! I'LL DO IT!" my friend shouted. " You sure?" I asked.
I couldn't believe he was doing this. "Yes," he said. We put our hands on the reactor and we got sucked into the real world. We saw my friend in the game. That was the last time we saw him. We tried to tell others, but, nobody believed what we said. I know my friend was in there. I was really sad he was gone. Stuck in that dark, scary game. I told the developers what happened, and again, they didn't know what I was talking about. I just hoped my friend was safe.
---Trapped--- Among Us creepypasta part one in amongusmemesgaming
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For all those who cant read it when its that small:

Trapped: Among Us scary story part one: I heard about this game, about teamwork and betrayal. It was called Among Us. It sounded cool, so I told myself maybe I should play it. So I installed the game on my phone. But it was late at night, so I went to bed before I got a chance to play it. The next day, someone at my school DIED. Someone said this was like among us, how someone kills somebody and people try to find out who. I liked mysteries. But this mystery was serious. Somebody had died. That made everyone sad. So I tried to find out, but that made it harder to concentrate on my schoolwork. I was really scared.

So then, I went home and went on my phone. I played among us. It was a whole different game. I've never played anything like it before. Then, something weird happened. I had to go AFK for a moment. Then, I saw something weird. My character wasn't in the spawn point. He was moving by myself. The controls on my phone weren't moving, so that meant someone was TRAPPED in the game. I screamed. I dropped the phone and ran. Then I told myself, " You can do this, Nathan. Don't panic. " I went back downstairs and picked up the phone. I didn't know why it was moving itself. Did it have to do something with the death at school? I tried to move it other ways, but the character wouldn't budge. Then, they called an emergency meeting and what they said freaked me out. " Nathan, you need to get me out of here! I'm trapped in this game and if I die here I die in real life! " How did he know my name?

The next day, I woke up, hoping it was all a dream. I had no proof if it was or wasn't. I went to school. Another one of my friends had died. So I was really sad that day. I talked to James, a friend who's really smart. He said he think's they got trapped in the game somehow and he doesn't know what caused it yet. He thinks they were killed by an impostor in the game, and that's why they died. Nobody wanted them to die in real life. They were killed in the game, so they died in real life. Maybe they weren't actually dead, I thought. Maybe I could save them. I went on among us again, but the only thing it showed was the guy trapped in among us, my dead best friend.
Among Us Meeting in fun
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That's cyan they yeeted.