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this is stupid, but so am i in Undertale
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(not me coming back from the dead bc I know the answer off the bat lol)
oh no in History_Memes
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Many aztec cultures actually sacrificed people to the sun God so it would rise the next day
So, in their eyes, what they were doing was working
I love the rp stream, I do but no one is taking anything seriously anymore, its all jokes in RolePlay_Topic
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i feel this, and i cant do anything because i got my mod removed. I tried to talk to someone about it, but i got nothing, so i feel your pain. thinking of quitting imgflip honestly, nobody puts effort into rps anymore.
YOU SEE HER AT A PARK WDYD (the character is from the show LOLIROCK) in Role_Play
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"Ah, it's nothing really. I'll be alright. Hey, you look. . .familiar. like I've seen you somewhere."