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"Thanos versus the Shelf Elf" in fun
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No amount of gift wrap could create a stopgap to halt this poor sap's dirt nap.
Trump Bill Signing in fun
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We can't answer that question until he actually states a fact...
How Targaryens apparently name their children in fun
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This is what I thought of right after Jon Snow's real name was revealed in Game of Thrones.
Game of Pooh! in fun
2 ups, 3y
This is what happens in my head when I read one book to my children and the other book to myself.
The best jokes are the ones you steal! in fun
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Yeah, I was just trying to find something clever to add to the top of the post. I agree that it's good to have your own ideas, though. Most of my memes are either completely original or simply comments from movies/shows that I say a lot IRL.

P.S. Thx for upvotes!