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You're Fired!
Er, no, we don't. This story was TRUE news. We don't like FAKE news. And fake news is reported overwhelmingly by the Dishonest Liberal Media.
You're Fired!
Well, you attacked what was in fact a TRUE story. Merely because you don't like the "side" that reported it.
You're Fired!
Look it up yourself, pal. The same story will turn up elsewhere. And yes, libturds not only LOOK at fake news, they CREATE fake news. But if you're too lazy to look it up for yourself, here's the Raleigh ABC report. You should love that one. ABC's part of the Dishonest Liberal Media.
You're Fired!
Here's the link: Briefly, a student went to a school football game wearing a jersey that supported President Trump. Some idiots in the crowd complained about it, so the principal, Cindy Gordon, told the student to take it off or leave. The student refused to take it off, so he had to leave. The school board then fired her.
The Foundation of America
The only thing I have an issue with is the way the U.S. government was less than scrupulous in observing the terms of various treaties they entered into with various tribes. We should either have conquered them outright, or followed through more diligently on treaty commitments. Other than that, the White Man won. The Red Man LOST. It's over. THE END. Conquest =/= "genocide". As for "missing the point", you have done likewise, since I see you're still here and haven't been un-born. And with that, enough with the threadjacking.