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Well, if you are to ask who created God, if there was an answer you’d ask well who created them? And if there was an answer for that then you’d ask again who created them and so on and so on and so forth. Same thing goes with the Big Bang. What created the Big Bang? You’d say something like a black whole. What created the black whole? It would just go on over and over forever. However, if you look at it from a metaphysical point of view (Supernatural, not physical), there is no time in the metaphysical realm, and no order of events. God is always there, and nothing created him for there is no time. God created time, and created the universe, marking the beginning of time. Without there being a metaphysical realm, nothing would make sense and there would be no start and no end to the universe.
Ultimate bruh moment (baby snake) in fun
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That’s especially hard to think about because baby snakes are more venomous than adults 😣