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Let me drop some knowledge on some of you.

*Week 52 of the 2020 flu season: 720 flu accumulative positive cases.

*Week 52 of the 2019 flu season: 20,184,823 accumulative positive cases. That is only a 99.999998% drop.

*As of this morning, we have 21,208,840 covid accumulative positive cases. (Isn't that special)

*The strand of flu this year is H1N1. The same strand of flu as the pandemic flu of 2008, and the deadly flu of 1918 that everyone loves to preach about.

*NYT said because of vaccination, hand washing, social distancing, and masks; the flu is nonexistent this year. THEN WHY HAVE WE NOT BEEN DOING IT FOR DECADES.

So there are facts that can be verified with 3 simple CDC search. Is it that hard to realize where the flu cases went? Are people that dense to look at these totals and not use 2 brain cells and see the correlation of the numbers? So guess what happens when you wear a mask for 8 months and don't socialize? You kill your immune system and have a bunch more flu deaths than normal. Why did our country import covid tests in 2017? Someone should tell them you can not delete from web.archive. When you post, it is there forever.

I have read every piece of information the CDC has sent to healthcare facilities. I know they use 1 test to verify covid and the flu(which is impossible since testing for covid will contaminate the sample). How many of you have washed covid contaminated scrubs this week? I have twice, and it is only Wednesday. So this little knowledge lesson is from the front lines, and not regurgitated talking points from the news.