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Left Exit 12 Off Ramp: Music Industry Edition
Also this is what they meant by Video Killed the Radio Star!!!
Left Exit 12 Off Ramp: Music Industry Edition
Indeed. Even as a K-Pop lover I can attest to this lol. Most groups have like 1-3 actually talented and SKILLED singers, while a bunch of other girls (or even guys in guy groups) fill up the rest of the group to look pretty and dance all sexy while lip syncing their minimal parts that they can barely sing for real live lol
Let racism die's the only thing keeping our world from being truly great!
The social commentary is uncanny! Black and white people are both green on the inside? What does that mean? That they are both wealthy in their own ways, yet envious of each other. GENIUS!!!
Matrix Morpheus
Ed Sheeran is indeed a gift.
It's all a front! He uses it to mess with your head thinking taking him on would be a cake walk.