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WTH TRI!? in repost
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Waluigi Doesn't Like Banjo-Kazooie Minecraft, Apparently in gaming
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I saw this IN THIS ORDER... and just cracked up. 😂
• How to make Banjo-Kazooie in Minecraft:
• I'm happy, but waluigi isn't:
WTH TRI!? in repost
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Okay Digimon Tri... what the f**k?

All of these girls are underage, and someone thought that it was a good idea to have them in bikinis!?

Look, if this had been a stereotypical beach scene, then I would have rolled my eyes at drawing out another generic scene, but at least then there would have been some legit reason behind them wearing bikinis.

But no, this is borderline child pornography, at minimum underage eye candy.
Yes, Meiko and Sora are one year short to being 18 in this, but the fact that they are so young is creepy as f**k.

If this had been them when in Last Evolution, then I would be less creeped out, but these are legally children!

Thanks for making celebrating the holidays a little extra creepy.
Mok (Shivering Isles) in gaming
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Give me a break guys, okay?
I just heard about this movie, and his outfit reminds me of Haskill.
Dom Noble vs E.L. James in gaming
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Anyone who's played Skyrim and watched Dominic Noble's series reviewing 50 Shades would get what's going on here. As for me, thank you Dom Noble for kicking her ass in exposing what a terrible message this book is.