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Mars Landing
The picture should be of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who was on the Space Committee and actually, really did think we had landed on Mars! And that's not her only flash of brilliance. What a reflection on the people who voted for her!
"Fake news" is modern terminology for political propaganda
Maybe you could watch Fox to see the difference. Fox does NOT ignore important news favorable to Trump like his roaring good economy, does NOT do deceptively stated biased reporting based on unverifiable, anonymous claims, but does present simple facts accurately. Try it. If you want plausible news, you'll find it at Fox and other honest outlets.
Socialist Idiot
This is a poor meme, because nobody claims 4.1% = 5% and nobody says deficits don't matter. Please get informed. Deficits are recognized as a huge problem and that is precisely why Trump is renegotiating horrible trade deals by past administrations that have produced, maintained, kept them increasing.
Range of Socialism from Communism to Fascism to Freedom
Maybe you can identify the other factors that clearly differentiate communism from fascism, with examples? Both are indubitably socialism.
Range of socialism from communism to fascism to freedom
The only difference between communism and fascism is that communism severely limits private ownership, especially of means of production while fascism allows it but severely regulates it. Antifa is the modern equivalent of Mussolini's Blackshirts (even to wearing black) and Hitler's Brownshirts, using violence to disrupt opposing political events.