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Democrats are fascists, not communists in politics
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Correct information needs to replace name calling. Democrats are fascists, happy to have private companies owning means of production and integrated with government. One example: Big Pharma pays key NIH, CDC, and FDA employees millions of dollars in kick backs for forcing COVID vaccines on the public while preventing cheap, highly effective treatments with no side effects from being used. This even though COVID vaccines do not prevent spread, do not prevent illness, and cause huge numbers of injuries and deaths. The infamous "partnership of government and industry".
The China virus is really a medical miracle, reducing deaths from many causes, even from accidents. in politics
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You could attempt a novel experience before making such a display of your level of thinking: Try to read with comprehension and be willing to accept reality. CDC figures clearly show total deaths in 2020 are NOT statistically higher then other years. They do show their wildly inflated China virus death numbers statistically correspond to their reduced death numbers from cardiac, respiratory, etc. diseases.
Modern socialists are emulating a famous socialists' well organized Coming Out" party of over 80 years ago in politics
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Fascist does not mean Nazi. Nazis were fascists. Only the National German Socialist Party was Nazi. Snakes are animals. Not all animals are snakes. I suggest dropping all references to right and left. These words are meaningless and inappropriately thrown around like "racist" to confuse an issue. Instead look at the characteristics that define fascism and communism as on my meme. The only difference between the two is the way they treat private ownership. Both forms of socialism exhibit the characteristics in the meme. Look at the modern Democrat party and compare them to fascism: They don't prohibit private ownership but want to strictly, politically regulate it. They are furious Trump got so many off welfare and some even want universal guaranteed income. The Obamacare scandal was a classic fascist takeover of about 1/6 the US economy and ended in failure as expected. Education has been corrupted by teachers unions and radical universities like Berkeley and Wisconsin. Even small kids are being indoctrinated that whites are racist, sex isn't biological, etc. while Common Core was imposed causing math scores to drop. Democrat operatives Antifa emulates Hitler's Brownshirts and Mussolini's Blackshirts while BLM is a communist front headed by hard core communists who actually worked with Maduro to destroy Venezuela. Fake news now accounts for the vast amount of "journalism", deceitfully disguising opinion, supposition, and lies as fact. Fascists like Gov. Newsom are even trying to regulate ammunition purchases while others are trying to get guns registered, prohibited, or limited. Look at the facts. What actually differentiates the modern Democrat party any other fascist organization?
Modern socialists are emulating a famous socialists' well organized Coming Out" party of over 80 years ago in politics
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Very sad! You know you're wrong, can't not debate the issue, so just retreat and hide behind fake disgust. Sometimes it helps to face reality, admit you're wrong, and act like a man.
Modern socialists are emulating a famous socialists' well organized Coming Out" party of over 80 years ago in politics
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Please try to get informed! Nazi was acronym for National German Socialist Workers Party. Fascism is a common form of socialism, like in Mussolini's Italy, Peron's Argentina, and the current Democrat party. It differs from communism only in that fascism allows (but strictly regulates) private ownership while communism strictly prohibits it.