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Imagine reading this instead of looking at my memes.
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I'm so sorry everyone in fun
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Remember that your family, your friends, and your online friends care about you. People who commit suicide don't live their life to the fullest. I am a stranger online but I can still give you a piece of my mind. People who are the most successful have a time in their lives where they are in the worst state ever. They faced their hardships got over it. To put in simpler words, Suicide is a way of running away from your problems and only causes negativity. I suggest you take my advice because your suffering will be your wisdom later in life.
the 4 horsemen of my basement in Dark_humour
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well at least the kids look like they are having fun
Hahaha >:) in fun
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so those were the lucky numbers on the fortune cookies...
Whoever thought of this was smart in fun
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I wonder if this can actually fly