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If you don't care for a meme or idea, move on. No need to comment or complain. in fun
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I'm just disagreeing that mods are entirely objective when deciding how to treat any given topic - I've noticed a pattern of them delaying certain content, likely to push it out to when nobody is online, so nobody sees it because they don't agree with it. I've started noticing it happen more often since I've started pointing it out as well. So, my commentary had nothing to do with Mr. Floyd, but there are topics that the mods appear to stonewall in their own ways, and this meme is right: Memes by their very nature are meant to be subversive, so if you're easily offended, the meme community is probably not the place for you.

On the plus side, freedom of speech has two sides of the coin: On the one hand everyone is free to spout any dumb shit that they feel they would like to (I don't know what Floyd meme you're referring to, but that might fall into that category) - On the other hand we're also point out how extremely stupid and/or hypocritical something is with that same freedom of speech.

With that in mind, a vast majority of people who oppose free speech, if not all of them, are the morons or hypocrites that don't like their hypocrisy pointed out. They have every opportunity to use both sides of that coin, but they're either too stupid or hypocritical to do so, so their solution is censorship. That's why having that at the level of the gatekeepers who get to choose what is or isn't allowed to be viewed is kinda' bullshit and brings this whole site down quite a few pegs.

But, that's mods for you. The average person does not pursue those kinds of positions - It's generally people that have some pretty big insecurity issues that feel better when they're able to do things like block and manipulate memes, so they can spin up a delusional narrative in their head that they are some wonderful person for not allowing things contrary to their perspective/worldview be seen.

So, yep - That's just what I've observed, and I'm not too keen 'bout the whole thing. I'm sure this post won't help matters, but that's the nature of overbearing individuals - I just feel every once in awhile they should have to momentarily face up to what they do, which is why I sprinkle posts like this here-and-there, because they put a lot of effort into diverting their eyes from that truth, and I'm sure if the right person reads this they will be looking for my username in the submissions so they can silently sabotage me as their petty 'revenge' for pointing this out...
If you don't care for a meme or idea, move on. No need to comment or complain. in fun
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Moderating needlessly offensive Comments is another issue - Pretty sure Mr. Dood is referring to overarching/broad memes that may reflect individuals of a partivular caliber, and/or groups in a negative light (and that can oftentimes be satirical/in good-fun)...
Always. in fun
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Are you an idiot or grossly ill-informed (note that those two are not mutually exclusive) - It's important so I know how to move on from here...
If you don't care for a meme or idea, move on. No need to comment or complain. in fun
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Try posting something questionable about the nature of modern Western women and you'll see how snowflakish they are...