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Midnight224 (22989)
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i'm just here to post wings of fire memes, so that all the wof fans can enjoy what they love
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Countryballs > furries in anti_furry_society
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wings of fire memes
i never forgive him in fun
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it gets worse, he wanted to marry auklet, a literal NEWBORN CHILD
Three-headed Dragon in fun
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roast my art in fun
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bro has a chest sharper than a katana and what are those goofy ahh wings like there smaller than that dragon's brain probably, thank goodness it has gills to breathe cuz its nostrils are absent and i bet that fish is his only friend because they both have all-pupil eyes that are HOVERING over the head instead of in sockets and he probably deaf cuz those ears are matching the wings rn oh and you got those platypus feet like my art when i was 9 years old like DRAW PAWS FOR MOON'S SAKE and that poor creature is not even smiling u just drew on it with a sharpie so it dont look depressed as ur drawing device (((IM SO SORRY I WENT FULL ROAST ON U XD)))