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Crappy memes and replies everybody gets an upvote.except.upvote.beggars.(offline for a few months)
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Meanwhile In Canada... in fun
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Bruh, that thing be sucking animals like a capri sun
Ugh Oh, He Wrecked in gaming
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That drift was sick man + tik tok in gaming
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Warn others, Tik tok wil come for everyone,regardless of age or social status,either that they appear in a video or have an account it doesn't matter.Stay strong,deflect the cringe and try to keep it away.Unfortunately,it has come for my dad,I'm mourning this loss and I hope you don't have to suffer it as well.

I smash my bros in RihvennsOMemerz
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for some magical reason my brain thought bros are siblings and not homies and went:"Comment sweet home Alabama on the post" then it left me pondering what Alabama has to do with my homies.
I scareding in gaming
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I have a secret trick,my parents will never read this so I'm sharing it to you just for the fact that it's relevant.My house's wifi router have an option to not load a website on a device,which my dad use to block me off youtube.The one flaw is,since it's from the wifi router,you can just use a wifi that is not from the router to get access to youtube.So now I can watch youtube since I'm sharing 4G from my phone (which is immune to the block/router) to any device I use and watch Youtube.

I swear strict parents create the sneakiest kids.