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My name is Jonathan G and I want to be the number one memer in the imgflip community!
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Surprised Pikachu in fun
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I don't think it's going to happen, But keep trying! I believe in you!
Pennywise sewer shenanigans in fun
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This stuff is awesome! Continue your awesome work dude!
Pineapples belong on pizza in fun
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Who the hell was so f**king drunk at night that they decided it was a good f**king idea to put a fruit on a damn pizza!? Like that shit is nasty, Like when you walk to a pizza place, you only see people that look like hobo's ordering that shit. But people that look like they got a fair paying job pay for the cheese and pepperoni, Not some f**king nasty ass fruit pizza that tastes like shit. And the thing is that Pizza places still have that nasty shit, I'd take off all the pineapple on the pizza on sight! I don't understand why people say it tastes good, When I eat pineapple pizza my taste buds just want to f**king die, and so does my stomach, that shit it nasty as f**k, get that shit out of my face.