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I like memes #MEMESQUADFOREVER if u dont like memes them go to another site
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roblox likes hitler in Roblox
0 ups, 1mo
the thing is that, roblox REALLY dosent like hitler, oh and you got banned for saying his name
roblox crashed again... in Roblox
0 ups, 1mo
bruh i aint dippin but its prestons fault, bc the psx update got so many players, i couldnt even join myself
Its partially true in PointFarm
0 ups, 1mo
respect may you have (idk why i said it like that but yeah, respect man)
Untitled Image in MEMES_OVERLOAD
1 up, 1mo
tbh it annoys me when stuff are just not in the right place and i do that too, i truly get his cause