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I Keep a Sense of Humor, But the Past 20 Some Odd Years Have Signified an Unfortunate Turn Away from What Made US Great.
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Not me. But when a racketeering indictment comes down and you don’t know that YOU ARE the coconspirators, that is a very, very sad thing.
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The law permits the former president to have his classified documents and also to determine who they are shared with. The Espionage Act makes it legal for him to share these documents with anyone he “trusts.”

He only commits a crime if he (1) lets them fall into the hands of people he doesn’t trust. Or (2) shares them with an enemy to harm the United States. Neither of these two elements are alleged in the indictment. Because it is a sham indictment.
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Read the indictment. These pictures are not relevant. It is all theatre. The only question in the end—will be can the former president be convicted for trying to impede an improper investigation for conduct that is not illegal.

Because even if it is true he took the documents and shared them—that has never been a crime for a former president. These are literally his own documents.