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Rick and Carl Long
Actually Yes I Do Not have A Name I Am Really A Virus Sent From Planet Ziracondrai To Probe The Human Race And Eventually Take Control Of the Solarsystem.
Dad Joke Dog
XD Bad Pun Dog Why Does Everyone Rip On You? I Don't get Ripped On For Stuff Like That, But I Don't Get Any Views So I Guess that's The Reason XD
Rick and Carl Long
XD Yes. Smart Move Huh?
Rick and Carl Long
Anyone Else Think Dis Is Dumb? Or is It Just me? Yeah... Probably Just me.
Overly Attached Girlfriend
Well Why Should You Care? Stalker Much? Dude Just Shutup I Don't Care How I Use My Grammar And That Isn't A Reply To What I Said So Just Go Away Wierdo