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ares in the jar: "when I get out of here I will make your faces look like mashed potatoes"
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ALERT!, RED SPY!, IN BASE! in Team_Fortress_two
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He was the RED Spy! Watch, he'll turn red any second now."

[The camera shows Spy's foot, and Soldier nudges it with his shotgun.]

Soldier: "Aaaany second now..."

[The camera changes to show Heavy and Soldier, who are crouching next to the Spy's body. They do not notice when the BLU Scout changes his demeanor to be much more unaffected by the murder of his teammate. The Scout looks around the room, to make sure no one is watching.]

Soldier: "See! Red! No wait, that's blood..."

[The camera changes again, to be following the BLU Scout as he un-flicks the knife, slowly approaching the unsuspecting BLU's.]

Heavy: "So... We still got problem."

Soldier: "Big problem..."

[Scout approaches them, knife ready.]

Soldier: "Alright, who's ready to go find this Spy?"

[The Soldier and Heavy are unaware as the BLU Scout uncloaks and turns out to be the RED Spy. The Spy lifts his knife, prepared to backstab both of them.]

RED Spy: "Right behind you."

[Both Heavy and Soldier gasp and turn to see the Spy.]

[Team Fortress 2 ending flourish music plays. The sounds of the Soldier and Heavy being murdered can be heard during this.]

[French music plays as we zoom out on a pile of the images seen earlier. The RED Spy, holding the briefcase, moves some out of the way, and grabs a specific one of him and BLU Scout's Ma standing together holding hands. He picks this one up very carefully. He smiles at the sight of it.]

RED Spy: "Ah.. Ma petit chou-fleur."

[The Spy stands up, and walks away.]