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It's a shame that statistics can't lie. in politics
1 up, 2m
We need to get on some hand banning laws, quick!
Dread Thy Shirt is Red in StarTrekMemes
0 ups, 3m
The guy on the right Mr Leslie played by Eddie Paskey, does die in this episode, but returns from the dead in the next episode.
Untitled Image in politics
1 up, 4m
Wait, ... I don't get it, ... Hillary's punishment is Maxine Waters????
Reidtarded in politics
0 ups, 8m
Well yeah, we all know "liberal logic" is an oxymoron
Space Hippies in StarTrekMemes
1 up, 10m
Actually, It's :Heading out to Eden, yea brother"
"yeah" is pronounced "yah" and "yea" is pronounced "yay"