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Really, look it up... in fun
3 ups, 9y
Note to self: Never take your spouse where they speak Danish and call them bae.
Sounds like a great idea in fun
0 ups, 9y
When I saw the meme u ain't have dislikes. Now ppl are getting suspicious... and if u saw this comment and it have dislikes, then that means u missed a beautiful sight.
Worries me every time in fun
0 ups, 9y
U only have 1 dislike, at least when I saw it. Now I wonder if it was the downvote fairy or somebody else, and if it was somebody else, then that means u is special.
*GASP* in fun
4 ups, 9y
Now the movie has a HUGE whole in it. But I suppose it fell off because they needed a plot. :l
Success Kid in fun
2 ups, 9y
That is an exact impression when my mom get out of Victoria's secret.