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Me going through life. in fun
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Before my grandmother passed:
Couldn't leave her house without eating two plates of food, and her making you a plate to take with you. Everything she made tasted amazing and you had no idea what was in it. Best shape of your life, and all was good. All because you were still a growing boy in her eyes.

After my grandmother passed:
Basically starve yourself throughout the day to maintain a stable sugar level. Anything you eat, you have to spend 30 minutes determining how much salt, fat, carbs, and cholesterol is in it before you can even smell it. Your mood now plays a factor in how your metabolism works. Quite frankly anything that taste good is now bad, and everything that taste terrible is the only thing you are okayed to eat.

Welcome to adulthood.... Suxdonut.
School be like in fun
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Libraries are just public restrooms with better/more material to read while you do your business.
Untitled Image in fun
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Hmph? He looks better with it on....
Classy way to disrespect someone. in fun
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Yeah, British insults loose their classiness the second you hear them blurted out by a drunken soccer hooligan.
When you step on a LEGO in fun
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Remember that scene from Die Hard where the guy has to run bare foot across a floor covered is broken glass to survive an explosion. If it had been legos, the movie would have ended on that scene.