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not really.. this is the easiest way to become mental without taking any drugs.. answer to this question resides in nature.. when you f**k your mind in a state of genius, there is no easy way out
yep.. i totally agree with you.. i agree that you should visit a shrink to get your mental health checked..
wtf is wrong with you people
that's exactly what makes you a good writer.. and a f**kin fabulous one in this case.. i'm in the same boat here, like you are, thank god you don't have language barrier.. next step in your individual progress is alchemy as a philosophical thinking.. wish you the best in the rest!
Biggest dilemma in terrorism..
someone will get this.. eventually..
The Best Invention Is? Yoga Pant's Week A Tetsuoswrath/Lynch1979 Event March 20th--27th
if not a light bulb, i wouldn't see those yoga pants whilst having my toast :D