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MayoOnMaRug (11444)
Joined 2020-11-06
Hello, i am just mayonnaise on a rug.I came with this name completely randomly lol
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Tiktok should die in fun
0 ups, 4d
i saw somewhere that there is a challenge to stick a garlic up your nose (i have no idea how is the challenge called)
i know nobody asked
that actually took me so long to make lol in fun
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good argument,tbh i got actually extremly bored and got inspired by a meme that was on the front page (i used completly another template and added way more transparent images) long time ago. So i thought i would make something like that, and boom.Meme with pure cringe exists
SIMP - Super Into Mashed Potatoes in fun
0 ups, 3w
actually it's on my rug
Don't even try to change my mind in fun
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To be honest this is what was in my head when i imagined if you didn't saw the aren't-
I just really hope you don't get rejected from art school
that actually took me so long to make lol in fun
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i have no idea what do you mean with that,please explain and then you maybe get the answer