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Hello, i am just mayonnaise on a rug.I came with this name completely randomly lol
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Face it in fun
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I actually downloaded that about a year ago (regret it cause i have seen so much cringe) and i have seen enought to know that there are some bad creators but also some good creators.But if you think some, i respect that,everyone has their own opinion and im not gonna try and force you to hate 98% of tiktok creators.I think more people would like tiktok if it got rid of all the cringe kids,they are the problem
Face it in fun
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not some,almost all
Sonic the eggdog in fun
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Teacher: why are you laughting?
Me: Nothing
My brain:
Day 4 of bad titles in fun
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It's cool,i respects your opinion it's ok to be vegan.I just forgot to mention i meant those annoying,crazy vegans that force non-vegans to be vegans.I really respect that you are okay with people that eat meat and i wish you amazing november :)
Which one? in fun
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catgirl is technically a furry so no thanks