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Yes of course it makes no sense. FRO.
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English motherfucker in fun
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Why yes. I made it three years ago.
Andrew Jackson Bill in politics
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Methinks you are taking this altogether too seriously. It's a play on the current desire of some folks (who are not me, btw) to erase figures from history. It is the height of hypocrisy to call for taking down all the Columbus statues, for example, because of his alleged atrocities. The folks going after this and other erasures of our history (do note I think Confederate statues basically stand for loser rebels, I could care less up or down) are largely Democrats, hence pointing out that the founder of their party was, in fact, an asshat. ;)

I'm done, I think you get it now, and if not nothing I can do about it. I will stop trolling you back. Have a lovely day ;)
Andrew Jackson Bill in politics
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This of course isn't the place to debate it, and I'm not sure why he's such a hero to you (as you mention, it was almost 200 years ago) but you might want to check this out. Hostile indians, indeed. What's a promise, anyhow?
Andrew Jackson Bill in politics
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Amongst his other accomplishments like almost wiping out entire tribes of native Americans, starting the first Cult of Personality party that grew up to rabidly defend slavery, Jim Crow and now the Dependency State? Yeah, baby.
Robert Downey Jr Tropic Thunder in politics
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No, someone else did. In our local community there was a dude whose only answer to complex questions are some random conspiracy theory video off of Youtube. ;)