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Hey everyone! I’m MatthewThePrep, aka, Matthew Giordano. My dA page:
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If you want to be a moderator, ask me! (Requests Closed) in World_of_Kirby
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I already sent you an invite. Do you need me to resend it?
Respecting Kirby's Friends in fun
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1. Go to: and download it.

2. Install the font on your system

3. Restart the browser, if needed.

4. Go to the imgflip meme generator.

5. Click the gear icon near the text box input, then click on the word "impact"

6. Click "Show more fonts", then type in "MARIOFontv3-SolidRemake" in the box below the words: "Not seeing a font you have? Enter it here"

7. And there you go! You can now use your newly installed font on ImgFlip!
Hmmmmm in fun
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BOTH CHOICES | image tagged in memes,blank nut button | made w/ Imgflip meme maker