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if this was a category, you KNOW frontiers would have won in fun
0 ups, 1d
to be clear, i mean the video game itself, not the characters
The Cooler Daniel in fun
0 ups, 2d
well, yeah
but i chose whisper specifically because she shares a LOT of similarities with infinite (backstory-wise that is)
All My Homies Hate in fun
1 up, 5d
well considering that he victim blames people who were in toxic/abusive relationships and says that they deserve to be tortured for trying to escape said relationships i would certainly HOPE you guys don't like him
the latest issue of IDW got me thinking in fun
0 ups, 5d
and for the future, by "latest", i mean issue 56
Who wants change in fun
0 ups, 1w
i mean, if they let ian canonize tangle and sticks, then it could happen and frontiers did break a lot of the status quo so why not