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"I can see that we have much work to do here" in fun
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Tyr: You say you respect your father's strength, Vergil. But you haven't taken into consideration what he used that strength *for*.
Vergil: ...
Epic Handshake in fun
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GMK Godzilla: Japan is diseased. Rotten to the core. We need to pull it out by the roots. BURN IT DOWN!
Kiryu: If Japan's gone to shit, then you're just another maggot crawling in the pile!

Also, everyone gets PTSD from Dark Matter
A happy medium in fun
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Either that or the Black Swordsman Arc from Berserk
I need fanart of this in fun
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I could've also chosen Terry McGuinnes but, hey, hindsight
I need fanart of this in fun
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The Hedgehog