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UNO Draw 25 Cards in gaming
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no upvotes cuz nobody else gets it, i do tho lol
Two Buttons in gaming
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*plays both simeltaniously*
Change My Mind in gaming
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it is still the most played online game to this day......
. in gaming
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Admin: Accept Diverted Power

Admin: Chart Course Admin: Enter ID Code

Admin: Prime Shields Admin: Swipe Card

Admin: Upload Data Balcony: Clear Asteroids

Balcony: Record Temperature

Boiler Room: Open Water Ways

Boiler Room: Replace Water Jug

Cafeteria: Accept Diverted Power

Cafeteria: Download Data Cafeteria: Empty Garbage

Cafeteria: Fix Wiring

Communications: Restart Wifi

Dropship: Chart Course

Dropship: Insert Keys

Electrical: Calibrate Distributor

Electrical: Divert Power

Electrical: Download Data

Electrical: Fix Wiring

Greenhouse: Accept Diverted Power

Greenhouse: Download Data

Greenhouse: Fix Wiring

Greenhouse: Water Plants

Hallway: Fix Wiring

Laboratory: Align Telescope

Laboratory: Fix Weather Node

Laboratory: Inspect Sample

Laboratory: Repair Drill

Laboratory: Submit Scan Lower

Engine: Align Engine Output Lower

Engine: Fuel Engines

Medbay: Accept Diverted Power

Medbay: Download Data

Medbay: Fix Wiring

Medbay: Inspect Sample

Medbay: Submit Scan

Navigation: Accept Diverted Power

Navigation: Chart Course

Navigation: Download Data

Navigation: Fix Wiring

Navigation: Stabilize Steering

O2: Accept Diverted Power

O2: Clean O2 Filter

O2: Download Data

O2: Empty Garbage

O2: Fill Canisters

O2: Fix Wiring

O2: Monitor Tree

Office: Download Data

Office: Fix Wiring

Office: Scan Boarding Pass

Office: Swipe Card

Outside: Fix Weather Node

Outside: Open Water Ways

Outside: Record Temperature

Reactor: Accept Diverted Power

Reactor: Divert Power

Reactor: Download Data

Reactor: Fix Wiring

Reactor: Start Reactor

Reactor: Unlock Manifolds

Shields: Accept Diverted Power

Shields: Download Data

Shields: Fix Wiring

Shields: Prime Shields

Specimen Room: Start Reactor

Specimen Room: Unlock Manifolds

Specimen: Store Samples

Storage: Empty Garbage

Storage: Fix Wiring

Storage: Fuel Engines

Storage: Water Plants

Upper Engine: Align Engine Output

Upper Engine: Fuel Engines

Weapons: Clear Asteroids

Weapons: Download Data

Weapons: Fix Wiring
bro im out of here in fun
1 up, 2m
one time i did a nerf battle with my freinds, i came home with not only all my darts, but an extra dart