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Welcome To My Childhood. in Autism
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The school I went to nearly got sued because while they were educated on the matter, they chose to simply ignore my need for less stress for three years because my IQ was "too high" to have a need for the IEP paperwork to be filled out within the legal requirement of three days.
That type of ignorance hasn't really helped me through adulthood, either.
There are things Twitter will scream and shout at me for posting, so imgflip is my way to decompress these suppressed feelings that no one wants me to show.
Hope this Friday goes better for you.
Faith is a magical thing. in politics
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Assault is still a crime. Americans have the freedom to assemble.
The church didn't retaliate, they ran. Why you simping?
Some Auto Chats Should Never Have Been Made... in gaming
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Stay innocent. Mountain Hand is so much worse when taken out of context in English.