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MartinTuelay (24244)
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No more (insulting) religious stuff. But controversy needs a friend. LOOK MA! No downvote fairy memes!
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Scumbag Brain in fun
1 up, 9y
I got to get back on the road to LA --- got a meeting with REAL people on a REAL committee about REAL business 'n stuff.
Downvote all my comments, I DGAF, I got across as much as I needed.
I'll be submitting again in a day or two -- give the public jury a chance to decide.
Whadda fukkin run, tho. U all da real MVPs in fun
Whadda fukkin run, tho. U all da real MVPs in fun
1 up, 9y
She's got herpes like a mofo - so, I guess dipsh1ts do gets theirs in the end
I've been getting lots of hate/conspiracy comments. Will u guys let me prove to u that I am perfectly fair and honest? in fun
3 ups, 9y
AAAAAAnd, now he's mass attacking my comments to censor me.. Good commie... yes, yes, you are a good little commie :)