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no words in fun
0 ups, 1y
Good for u
Wholesome 100 in LGBTQ
0 ups, 2y
this is awsome
You might think something significant has emerged over the past few months to continue to sustain the narrative. You’d be wrong. in politicsTOO
1 up, 2y
so true though its like these idiots saying "ItS vOtEr FrAuD" then I'm like "okay so wheres the proof" and they just don't say anything! XD
Untitled Image in starwarsmemes
2 ups, 2y
true XD, but omega and hera didnt undergo rigurous training after they where born.m :|
the best non-main antagonist in starwarsmemes
1 up, 3y
before count duku blew him up