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All mobile game ads in general: in fun
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95% Of PLaYeRs caN’t bEAt LeVeL ThReE!!😭😢😡😩🤨
I got the GS4 for Christmas 2020 but got surprised with a real one later. I took pictures of the boxes. in gaming
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Just wait until people start talking about sēx box 360, Nintendo 69, or sega genōside
Interrupting bird in gaming
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Average Minecraft good fortnite bad fan Average play what you want enjoyer | image tagged in average fan vs average enjoyer | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I hate how ALL Minecraft players will hate someone just because they play a game they don’t like. It’s all just our opinions and if you think Minecraft is the best game ever, fine but you don’t need to go out and hate on all the people that play fortnite. Just because it’s what they like and it’s what you don’t like. This doesn’t make their opinion lesser or incorrect. The fact that it also says that any logical person ever also is implying that people that think fortnite is a good game are wrong and stupid, and also the fact that the one who portrayed fortnite as a good game are represented as 8 year olds, and yes that is mostly true but there are many people of all ages that enjoy the game. If you have read this far I reveal the truth I am not 8, I do have fortnite, I do not play regularly I just felt like making this post to show that even if someone has an opinion that you don’t feel the same way about, don’t go out and say there wrong, but respect there opinion.
Untitled Image in gaming
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Solid snake
Y tho in gaming
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Stardew is great