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Uh, Houston, we have a problem..
I think you're missing the fact that the NC "bathroom bill" wasn't written out of the blue. It was written to counteract the City of Charlotte ordinance that removed the property owner's right to manage their own facilities the way they want. As you point out, it's been happening without incident the way things have been for decades, so why did Charlotte need to pass the special ordinance? Because agenda. Secondly this is an example of how the civil rights act oversteps the bounds of rationality. Nobody at the time would have understood "sex" to mean "gender identity". If you want to create a new right, pass a new amendment or something. Don't retroactively redefine words. There are more people's rights to consider than merely the transgender person's rights. The property owner has rights to who can use their property, people have freedom of assembly and association. Just because the civil rights act abridged these particular freedoms for some specifically desired identity groups doesn't mean it created a general principle that applies to all identity groups everywhere.
Uh, Houston, we have a problem..
Yes, I am comparing transgender people using the bathroom to option to be an ass or not. Because my point it is kind of an ass move to make everyone else uncomfortable to suit one's own preference. Everything else you said is obvious exaggeration. Well except the first few analogies about expressing our opinion on imgflip. There are common rules of courtesy regarding the sharing of particular opinions. For example, when I'm having a family dinner with my family who tend to be very liberal, then I wouldn't assume to sit there and announce my opinions to everyone. That would be rude given the company. Same concept with the locker rooms. Just don't insist upon using the facility that makes everyone else uncomfortable! AKA don't be an ass.
Uh, Houston, we have a problem..
First of all, I've never said anything fearful or hateful. Your talking points are showing. Second, I've never said "if they have male genitals, they are male". My point in this statement is to refute the idea of transgenderism that merely "identifying" oneself as a thing makes you the thing aside from physical objective fact. My position on the bathroom issue has always been very Libertarian - let the individual property owners freely make their own decisions and keep the govt out. So my point still stands. Merely thinking oneself to be a thing doesn't make you the thing.
Uh, Houston, we have a problem..
Ok, good point. Allow me to clarify. What I mean is a general rule of thumb is that everyone should use the facility that makes the most number of people comfortable. Here's a personal example that is somewhat common for me. I'm at work and have to go to the bathroom. The janitor is currently cleaning the men's room so it's closed temporarily. If my only concern is my own personal comfort, I could just go use the ladies room tight next to the men's room. But that would make the women uncomfortable. The right thing to do is wait for the men's room to reopen or go to a different floor, not out my own selfish wants ahead of others. The same moral point should apply to trans people.
Uh, Houston, we have a problem..
"They have no "agenda" besides defending their right to use the bathroom of their identified gender." This is patently false. First of all, there is no such right. They are fighting to create this as a universally recognized right. You may think the term "agenda" has a negative connotation but as a truthful matter, the fact is their "agenda" is to make this a right. Secondly, its about usurpation of basic property rights and freedom of association. If I own a gym and want sex segregated locker rooms due to consumer demand, why does any govt need to step in? If I want to protect my young daughters' privacy and innocence, why does the LGBT's agenda to break down gender roles trump my rights as a parent and force my daughter to share facilities with boys/men?