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True in fun
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So true. 😂
Autism Rep Scale in Autism
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The show's creator confirmed in an interview that she was nuerodiverent. I can't explain it as well as she does, but the gist of it is "Yes she has ADHD, but it's not really a hindrance. She's a visual learner, she wants to do a bunch of things at once, but she sometimes struggles with fitting in and trying to be normal."

Whether or not Autism's in the picture is still just a theory. But regardless, I think she's one of the best example of ND representation I've seen on TV. I don't have the link to the interview itself, but here's the video I found it in.
part 1: which one of these animes is your favourite? in Anime
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How would Ouran make you a furry? Isn't that Beastars' job? 😏😆
Not doin' it! in fun
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Never doing it again. 😤