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Bad Pun Dog
I swear everyone has already made this meme... or maybe i'm just crazy.
Steve Harvey
The bible doesn't say to strike off someones head just because they do not believe in Jesus. It says to promote the faith by being good examples to others, showing love and care for even those who are not christians. islam teaches to be hostile toward unbelievers. that is a big difference. and just so you know, being brainwashed is not the same as seeing the facts and recognizing what they mean. youve just sat there mostly asking me questions, wanting me to prove my point with solid evidence, as if my opinion is more far-fetched than yours! everything you believe about this subject is a myth that is repeated over and over by the media. Just look into it for yourself instead of allowing yourself to be brainwashed! find articles that explain both sides of the issue, that come from sources with opposite biases, and be open and logical. maybe you'll change your mind.
Steve Harvey
I never said that nothing bad was ever said in the bible, in fact it makes god sound like a strict, unfeeling thing. however, TERRORISM is not promoted. I can't quote a lack of something either, you just gotta read the bible and figure it out. and here's your quote you asked for. its straight from the quaran.Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them." I'll bet you won't find something like that in the bible. And granted, the quaran doesn't have too many verses like this one, but enough to show that terrorism is sanctioned by their holy book.
Steve Harvey
also, terrorists are people who commit acts of terrorism. an act of terrorism is a violent act done to scare society into bending to the will of those who did it. i'm not saying all muslims are terrorists. But technically those who aren't are not following the quaran to the letter, because despite claims that the quaran doesn't tell them to be violent toward non-muslims, it does. In fact, that belief is only due to bad translations that purposely leave out the parts like that. the quaran tells them that if they sacrifice their lives to kill infedels, they will be rewarded by god. it is the ultimate form of forcing a religion on us.
Steve Harvey
Christians don't have a religious teachings that encourage hatred of those who are not of the same religion. Not every muslim has committed a terrorist attack. But millions support them, and are at a much higher risk of doing them. In addition, terrorists discriminate against more groups of people than KKK members do. If a terrorist had the ability to kill every christian or KKK member in the world, they would do it. But a christian would not do the same, and neither would the KKK because the KKK only targets black people and christianity teaches to convert people through non-violent persuasion, which is the opposite of muslims.