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What can I say, I'm not good with hints. in fun
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No, he's just randomly scatter-shooting all kinds of dumb crap and low impulses, the same as you turd. Also shit meme, or even taking context (low standard of memes) into account, still not more than "pathetic" and bad...
What can I say, I'm not good with hints. in fun
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Many ordinary young women actually tend to look better than the trash porn as the only place you know "people" from.
What can I say, I'm not good with hints. in fun
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Making up a bullshit lie (and pathetic "joke") to pointlessly hate on women, counting on lots of lowlife scum to suck you off for that (and get a kind of sexual thrill from that too). What a convincing way to prove you ever even had a girlfriend... Idiot.
Racism is simply intolerance. in fun
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This is a strawman, as you are too retarded for the argument, which is about social differences and issues, which are empirical, and not about anything you think.
And strawmen is all you ever do, constantly jerking off about conceited, retarded little manipulations you think are clever and convenient weaselly cop-outs. Memes are super-retarded by nature, and you make them even more retarded - bringing them on your level and showing your low ability of getting any clue - by thinking they're an intellectual platform. That's why you are so suspectible to deranged ideology, as all deranged ideology (which for your info is historically nearly all ideology at a certain point, let alone when dealing with retarded, self-centred, narcissistic lowlives like you), thinks stupid propaganda and wilful manipulation can supplant rational argument.
And intolerance and racism are too clearly different words. Racism implies prejudice and objectification.
Liberals hate reallity in fun
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"Liberals" seems to stand for anyone who is even ordinarily intelligent (rather than below) and less perverted, thus drawing your crudge.

However you will undoubtedly mastrubate by anyone even answering to your evidence of brain death (some of the aforementioned perversity).

But let's get to the ordinary intelligence bit...:
1. You can't name a simple instance of what you even mean by "crookedness". You just want to choak on Donald Trump's and Putin's dicks.
2. There are a thousand facts how Donald Trump is a crooked politician, nobody could deny it, the same as anyone associated to him. They are all lowlife scum, and the dumbest things to ever serve in a "first-world country" office. But that's why you like them, they don't make you feel like the rotten garbage that you are.
3. Putin, whose asshole you would even lick, is a criminal murderer and dictator...

The sheer idiocy of self-contradiction, however, let alone how much lower and rotten the "position" is you have chose, cannot even be called "nuclear", it would not come close to describing it. "Infinite stupidity" is closer to the mark.

Now you'll masturbate... This is your only reality....

And shit like Breitbart, which is openly lying, in opposition to every real news and reporting organization in the world (also traditional by the way, to briefly confuse your masturbation instinct...)