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Oxygen was invented in 1778 no cap in fun
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No, it's H2, there's no O. Go ahead, check. By the time you have, I'd have changed every science publication using a powerful AI I found on the dark web.
Change My Mind in fun
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BUt wHaT iF... pOtAtO buT nOt pOtAtO... at the same time...
Interesting. in fun
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Yes, but in that case instead of the six M2 Browning heavy anti-air machine guns they will have to be four Maxim Light machine guns and an IDAS missile launcher for anti-tank defenses. Due to the weight of these attachments, you will need to attach a V12 Cylinder Engine and wheels on the bottom. You have now effectively defended your basket from improvised explosives.
drunk musicians in fun
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explanation: The thing in the bottom image is called a "slur" in music notation.
Get it now?
Untitled Image in fun
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Hello there