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"I just became invested" in reactiongifs
0 ups, 2m
Tbh this doesn't work as a good gif
Not funny... Lol in reactiongifs
2 ups, 2m
Ok I got rid of it.
Silly people! in Comics
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I also didn't know what words to put in the first part of the people standing there before the rabbit comes in. Also the rabbit is a random rabbit, I didn't draw Cinnabon, I should have sorry.
Silly people! in Comics
0 ups, 2m
I had to delete and repost because I forgot to draw the whiskers on the rabbit that was in the bottom left corner. And I went over the speech bubbles so the words can be seen clearly. This is inspired by the Trix commercial and all the "You can't have drip" clips I watched. (I don't know if anyone has thought of this, so I did this on my own since I didn't see any drip memes like this.) I'm not a good artist and I taped the drip outfit on the rabbit since I can't draw drip. I'm kinda proud of this paper "meme", took me a while to make this, and it's pretty par.