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First World Problems
Much love to you my friend!! I think of you every time I see a big truck or pass a Love's!! I am still lurking in the shadows about once a week I stop in and give some upvotes. I am actually doing great physically, I am just SUPER busy. As if 2 jobs weren't enough I took on a direct sales job April 15th. I hope to be back on posting memes in the next few weeks at least a few a week. Thanks for missing me LOL you guys are great!!
First World Problems
I am still lurking!!! Thank you for worrying. I explained a little in a comment below. Miss you guys like crazy!!!
Straight Out of the Cat's Mouth
I'm still lurking ;-) Miss you guys!! Staying so flipping busy that I have no time to be creative!!
Straight Out of the Cat's Mouth
LOL How are you Socrates!!!!???