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Laughing Men In Suits
1. How is what we are doing "cut and paste"? I am simply referring you to a series of articles that can explain a certain view on this particular issue. Due to my inexperience with using words to properly expound my sentiment on this affair, I refer you to something that will describe this particular sentiment quicker and more effectively than I ever could. 2. From dissmissing the any connections between porn and sex-trafficing as a "myth", to quoting industy leaders themselves in the defense of porn, to not understanding or overlooking the what number 4. was really about, this blog post is rather amateurish. As for the issues brought up, the website I posted, Fight The New Drug, adressess these same issues from the other side. You would benefit from reading what's there, if for no other reason than trying to prove me wrong.
Laughing Men In Suits