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CNN Breaking News Anderson Cooper in politics
3 ups, 2y
defending CNN is priceless 🇻🇳
The Rock Driving in politics
2 ups, 2y
Your hired ! Hahahaha
Las Vegas in politics
0 ups, 2y
Ya you rite !
Las Vegas in politics
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funny car crash in politics
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EeeeeYup - keyword “ Trying” and like all these common core trans gender man-ginas out there in commie Nazi America “They Them There That “ can’t even burn down a building ! Maybe we should create an IPhone App that shows millennials how to burn things !
If only Facebook live was avail so we could have watch the event like they do when it’s a school shooting !
Being release means that he’s now bagged and tagged and now our upright citizens can hunt them down and drop the hammer . We know who you are , we been taking notes, we have been watching these scumbags and when the General sends the command some of us soldiers will be happy to neutralize the target ! 🤘🏻🎸🤘🏻