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Overly Attached Girlfriend
Your genes look terrific...who's the cue ball Gene?
Third World Skeptical Kid
It is our choice as to how much we leave for our children and no one can question that logic. This planet will outlast us, no doubt about that. Even if we do manage to completely screw up the ecosystem, we will become it's casualty.. unless you move to Mars..and ruin that planet as well
Third World Skeptical Kid
Climate change aside...are u ready to have the sea turn into a coke bottle and dissolve coral and affect the you'll be complaining when there are no more fish to catch...I'd would not mind being deceived by someone who has a PhD and has studied it for decades if it persuaded me to reduce my foot prints on Earth.... don't Christians believe in not being wasteful?..who needs to drive a truck to Starbucks when you could just take a walk...even one day can make a difference...this fat country could use the exercise...even oil companies now say it is a man made phenomenon...wake up!