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Until You Face This It Is Hard To Understand in politics
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Says who? It either is or it isn't. BTW in essence what a right is is simply what is good.
Inherent Risks in fun
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Unfortunately aspects of "education" has become a tool for propaganda. I live in a college town in which Eli Lilly gives the university millions a dollars a yeas. You can't tell me this in no way shapes who they hire and what research and how they teach. Just because someone wears a white coat it doesn't make them God. Besides there are doctors who speak out against vaccines, or at least state they aren't completely safe, which they aren't. However when you do such there are consequences, like losing your license and being railroaded. Kind of hard to be objective when you're job is on the line....
Effective in politics
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OR WE CAN JUST LIVE IN HARMONY WITH NATURE | image tagged in nature heart | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
We don’t need to get fancy.
Senseless Social Maladies in fun
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I’ve seen this happen not necessarily in jobs that are given, though I’m sure that happens a lot too, but in inheritance and time & energy given. And it’s not that these people too don’t deserve opportunities and love, but to exclude some overs makes no sense on a genetic level and is quite egoistic causing needless suffering.
Twizzler Trail in politics
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Assuming the photo is accurate they could argue it is a "con" trail. I did a photo search and found no other results indicating the photo may be unique.