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Political Enlightenment
No, it would be a constitutional direct democracy which would mostly prevent others from violating minority rights. I'd dare say this system would do worlds better on that level than the current oligarchy we now have to endure.
Political Enlightenment
Let the people run the whole thing. However I'm not opposed to splitting the states up into regions. You could have something like a northeast, south, Midwest, Central, southwest, Northwest, and Southern Cal. This each area would represent their own interests and not bully the others.
Political Enlightenment
This meme is not necessarily anti authority. It's more about placing the power where it belongs, the people. "Representative" is flawed at best and has degraded to the point I won't even call it democratic, more like oligarchic. In any case we now have the ability to get rid of all of congress and the presidency and even the Supreme Court and replace it with direct democracy. It's kind of like a never ending rolling referendum.
Political Enlightenment
I was referring to direct democracy.