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If This Doesn't Convince Us Those Controlling Our Government Are Imperialists Nothing Will
The vast majority of those on the "left" in congress also voted for a budget increase to the already insanely high budget as it is.
By No Means An Isolated Case
Well then we can agree on the first point and and agree to disagree on the second. My ego isn’t offended that not everyone believes as I do.
Inherent Risks
Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple and he most definitely would confront those who are behind why vaccines are not safe. This is about how big money in the medical industry has unduly influenced “science”, education, the government and its agencies, and by extension the public at large.
By No Means An Isolated Case
I’m not talking about the truth value of any particular meme. I’m talking about how memes get featured which obviously seems is other than by simple algorithm.
It's Happening
Global warming is a symptom of the systematic degradation of the environment so of course there is going to be multiple symptoms of the underlining disease which is our own greed and ignorance.