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The 2nd Amendment Reimagined
Medical marijuana, not vaccinating your children, certain cancer treatments you can only do in Mexico, etc. Basically if it's Big Pharma and Medicine (if you have the money) you can do all you want. But if it involves anything other than current mainstream you can either be denied, be force treated (if your a minor or ward of the state) and or be removed from your parents/guardians, etc. It's a serious issue. Most people unfortunately it's not even on their radar.
The 2nd Amendment Reimagined
You're confusing medical freedom with health care as an inherent right
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I don't know what to say with such an opinion.... I'm just going to recognize it and then accept that we very much disagree on this one.
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Direct Democracy being the evil of evils that destroys empires and nations alike, I'm laughin ;^D
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It's a stretch to safe these states failed because of DD. First off not all these states have failed, in fact California and Switzerland could be said to be very successful. As for Rome they did not have a direct democracy. They did have something like a senate in which only rich land owners could vote or be part of. If anything the Roman Empire fell because it over expanded and the people got a little too comfy and soft making them ripe for invasion and corruption.