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Been There.... Still There
The old love it or leave it cliche. By no means is criticism patriotic. Sounds like the perfect dictatorship.
Easier Than....
I assume you meant can't. If so the answer is it is the person needing healing who ultimately heals him or herself. The "healer" so to speak is more of a facilitator.
Go back! GO BACK!
I might at some point check out this guy, but honestly I don't believe in following or not following the religion of my ancestors. FYI I graduated in religious studies after majoring in philosophy. I found religious studies to be more colorful and was very interested in why people do what they do. Long story short they do what they do because of what they believe. And they believe what they believe all to often because controlling interests want them to believe certain things. Among other things religion was one of the first mass mind manipulators, way before there was corporate media & subliminal advertising. But I digress. To sum it up, I believe in studying everything and taking the good while leaving the rest. This for me has manifested in a type of universalism which could also be translated to spiritual but not religious.
Politically Awake
Glad you think so. I’ve been labeled as an irony (some not so polite) by those who I’ve simply disagreed with, though I suspect some of those may be government/industrial trolls, bots, or those influenced by the mechanisms of mass manipulation.